diDNA Partners with F5 Sports to Generate Maximum Ad Revenues and Superior User Experiences for its Community of Independent Publishers for the College Sports Segment

May 3, 2017

Orlando, FL-diDNA, a leading full-service advertising solutions provider for the publisher ecosystem, has just announced its partnership with F5 Sports, a company that empowers publishers in the independent college sports segment to deliver an exceptional user experience as well as grow a thriving community in college sports. Both organizations will work together to adapt new technologies and methodologies to maximize programmatic ad revenue while enriching the user community and other monetization channels.

F5 Sports has leveraged diDNA’s proprietary machine learning technology in almost every aspect of its publisher advertising solutions suite, empowering its publishers and consistently generating new revenue. The company has implemented diDNA’s intelligence toolset, utilizing lazy loading, user engagement monitoring, and dynamic price floors to further optimize its publishers’ ad inventory. The company is also using diDNA’s rules engine to create and monitor optimization rules in order to improve the yield and revenue without intervention.

“diDNA is thrilled to partner with F5 Sports. We were able to quickly adapt and integrate our technology to provide an exceptional user experience for the community of F5 Sports publishers. Through our partnership, we developed a successful strategy that helped amplify the company’s premium model from free content to premium content with less ads, thus driving more revenue on their free content side,” said Troy Bubley, President of diDNA.

“We needed a partner that has an extensive expertise in programmatic advertising as well as a willingness to adapt their expertise to our specific product and customer base. diDNA also provided responsive QA to malvertising issues and helped us balance a heavy direct-sponsorship advertising program. Working with diDNA has continuously exceeded our expectations and allowed our publishers to successfully grow their businesses”, said Josh Oelze, COO at F5 Sports


About diDNA

diDNA, based in Orlando, FL, was founded in 2016 and is one of the world’s leading full-service advertising solutions providers for the publisher ecosystem. diDNA’s ad management platform optimizes digital inventory, taking a holistic approach to maximizing ad revenue through its core ad technology, with access to 70+ premium demand partners. 

To date, the company works with over 5,000 publishers, providing automated tools, hands-on management and a product suite designed to empower and instantly increase revenue for everyone within the publisher and advertising community. diDNA prides itself on developing a “culture of no competition” to foster strong industry relationships, thus quickly becoming the bedrock of the publisher advertising world. Visit www.didna.io, follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to the diDNA Dialogues YouTube channel for more information and company news.


About F5 Sports

F5 Sports empowers site publishers to deliver high-quality content, grow a thriving community and build long-term business independence. The company places a premium on an intuitive experience for users, platform innovation, and freeing publishers to direct the long-term success of their businesses.

For more information, please visit https://www.sovrn.com

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