diDNA’s Programmatic Technology Maximizes Revenue for USSSA, Enables Advertisers to Focus Messages for Each Site Visitor

January 12, 2018

Orlando, FL-diDNA, one of the world’s leading full-service advertising solutions providers for the publisher ecosystem and USSSA, the world’s largest multi-sport athletic organization, are partnering together to deliver highly targeted ads to website visitors, while providing advertisers with the audiences most interested in their products and eliminating the threat of malvertising.

USSSA’s website visitors include more than 4.5 million participants of all ages competing at a variety of skill levels in a variety of sports. As such, its target audience ranges from youngsters just getting their start in sports to those in their 60s who are still playing in some sports leagues, like slow-pitch softball. Many sports-related websites have diverse audiences, but typically any diversity in the advertising is very limited, with most visitors seeing the same banner ads. For example, a young girl just getting started in softball would see the ad for the same bat as someone playing at the college level, even though those individuals would be interested in very different types and styles of bats – and other sports equipment. Website operators and sponsors have yet to fully embrace the full capabilities of the digital age.

Knowing this, USSSA wanted a more dynamic solution that would deliver curated and more targeted ads that are relevant to each person in such a diverse audience.

diDNA’s proprietary programmatic advertising technology does just that, leveraging AI and machine learning to quickly adapt, adjust and optimize ads to enable USSSA’s advertisers to reach unique visitors with unique ads targeted at their interests, maximizing revenue opportunities for sponsors as well as protecting them from malvertising. The diDNA rules engine considers not only the age and skill level of the website viewer, but also any restrictions for the league the site visitor is in. So the viewer won’t see an ad for equipment not permitted by the league.


“The yields that advertisers can drive using this technology far greater what they do could using basic banner advertising,” said Troy Bubley, President of diDNA. “USSSA realized that they could use our technology to go from simple banner ads to dynamic engagement. We brought them from direct sponsorships into a more robust and profitable digital advertising program.”


Data from the interactions that viewers have with each ad are fed back into the DiDNA technology engine to continually improve the types of ads delivered to each viewer, enhancing their experience. The data also goes out in real time to advertising bidding exchanges, enabling advertisers to confidently know the type of audience that they will reach with their messages.


“We knew that diDNA was on the precipice of the latest and greatest technology,” said Bernie Guenther, Vice President of Advanced Media for USSSA. “We knew that they would be the best fit for us to maximize our advertising opportunities. They have the cutting-edge technology that enables us to maximize the use of the digital real estate that we can deliver the right ad to whoever is on the site at that moment.”

“Before working with diDNA, the ads we would deliver would only be unique to our sponsors,” Guenther added. “Partnering with diDNA allows us to expand the ad diversification so that users can receive ads that are more dynamic to what they want to see on a daily basis.”

Beyond the proprietary AI, what separates the technology from that of competitors is that diDNA uses algorithm compression that compresses the underlying code to make the loading of pages and ads very smooth, unlike the slow, code-heavy site of some other companies. That means faster page speeds and load times, improving the user experience.


Malvertising Protection

The technology also protects against malvertising, a practice in which a third party hijacks a portion of a JavaScript, in order to show the audience their own ad, rather than the one that was intended.  diDNA partnered with top brand security solutions in the market  to build fraud detection and prevention into the diDNA core ecosystem to prevent malvertising and provide an unmatched level of brand security. 


“During the initial phase of partnering with USSSA, we substantially mitigated malvertising from occurring on their site. This driving the user experience and driving good quality content, which increases the value for the audiences,” Bubley said. “As a result, we can sell the ad placements at higher rates, driving revenue growth for our clients.”

USSSA will start providing live and on-demand video for some of its largest events, for which there is growing demand. With the diDNA technology USSSA will be able to provide highly targeted, programmatic advertising for this highly engaging content.


“We’re bringing them into the current age of connected content,” Bubley said. “People are going from live broadcast to video via connected devices where you can create your own connected channel. We look forward to maximizing the revenue that USSSA can achieve through this channel.”


About diDNA

diDNA, based in Orlando, FL, was founded in 2016 and is one of the world’s leading full-service advertising solutions providers for the publisher ecosystem. diDNA’s ad management platform optimizes digital inventory, taking a holistic approach to maximizing ad revenue through its core ad technology, with access to 70+ premium demand partners. 

To date, the company works with over 5,000 publishers, providing automated tools, hands-on management and a product suite designed to empower and instantly increase revenue for everyone within the publisher and advertising community. diDNA prides itself on developing a “culture of no competition” to foster strong industry relationships, thus quickly becoming the bedrock of the publisher advertising world. Visit www.didna.io, follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to the diDNA Dialogues YouTube channel for more information and company news.



Headquartered in Viera, Florida, USSSA is the world’s largest multisport athletic organization, with more than 4.5 million participants of all ages and skill levels competing all over America in 13 sports, including baseball, fastpitch and slow-pitch softball, basketball, soccer, flag football and tae kwon do.  The organization was founded in 1968.

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