diDNA Partners with Next Millennium to Maximize Ad Performance for Publishers by Delivering Superior User Experience

November 1, 2020

ORLANDO, FL-diDNA, a leading full-service advertising solutions provider for the publisher ecosystem, has recently announced a partnership with Next Millennium Media. The partnership will enable diDNA to offer publishers highly robust and unique ad formats, thus providing a more engaging and visitor-friendly experience. diDNA will also be working closely with Next Millenium's industry-leading  direct brand and advertiser campaigns, adding additional value to the partnership matching highest quality advertisers to premium publisher inventory.


diDNA was designed to allow Publishers to align the quality of their content and audience with the optimal ad revenue they deserve, accomplished through intelligent software and methodologies. “diDNA is continuously researching and seeking the most innovative ad partners in the industry, always striving to add value for our publishers. We want the user experience to be above all else with high performing formats, and our partnership with Next Millennium allows us to achieve this goal,” said Troy Bubley, President of diDNA.


“diDNA is a perfect complement to Next Millennium in both strategies and values. diDNA’s extensive publisher list and Next Millennium’s exclusive ad partnership, have created a fruitful, mutually beneficial relationship. Next Millennium is constantly pushing itself to the next level in technology, always in service to our clients, who are our priority. diDNA shares these values and we are excited to partner with them.”


About diDNA 

diDNA, based in Orlando, FL, was founded in 2016 and is one of the world’s leading full-service advertising solutions providers for the publisher ecosystem. diDNA’s ad management platform maximizes ad revenue through a holistic approach including core ad tech, access to 70+ demand partners, and a dedicated revenue optimization team committed to delivering industry leading results.


To date, the company works with over 25,000 publishers, providing automated tools, hands-on management and a product suite designed to empower and instantly increase revenue for everyone within the publisher and advertising community. diDNA prides itself on developing a “culture of no competition” to foster strong industry relationships, thus quickly becoming the bedrock of the publisher advertising world.


Visit www.didna.io, follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to the diDNA Dialogues YouTube channel for more information and company news.


About Next Millennium

Next Millennium Media is a full-service provider of digital solutions for web publishers and brand advertisers. The company connects content creators with advertisers through relationships and technology. Its proprietary infrastructure is fused together with best in class client support to deliver the greatest possible experience for all parties. The company is driven by the goal of allowing publishers to focus on their craft, knowing that Next Millennium will deliver.

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