Enhanced diDNA Video Solution Focuses on Quality with New Demand and Industry-Best Monetization Structure for Publishers

The enriched solution increases speed to revenue for publishers looking to monetize video inventory

Orlando, FL — Sept. 14, 2022 —diDNA, a leading ad tech provider for the publisher ecosystem, has released an improved version of its video monetization solution, combining its deep industry expertise, high-quality demand, and technical expertise to create a platform that allows publishers and ad tech partners to scale their video monetization programs.


The new solution uses a custom rules engine designed to quickly drive incremental revenue increases, and automation that allows publishers to quickly implement, test, and iterate on the functions needed to improve performance. This update shows diDNA’s commitment to providing publishers with best-in-class tools for increased speed to revenue through faster ad load times, better user experience, higher fill rates, improved viewability, and higher RPMs. 


diDNA’s video solution derives much of its value from its commitment to quality. Developed over many years by diDNA’s in-house ad operations professionals, publishers can instantly connect to 70+ tier-1 ad exchanges, allowing more advertisers to compete for a publisher’s inventory in a fair, transparent, and competitive marketplace. As a top Google MCM Program Partner, diDNA must adhere to strict guidelines around ad quality, transparency, and account structure.


“At diDNA, we recognize that programmatic has become multi-faceted and video is a huge driver of revenue for publishers,” said Deke Hooper, CEO and co-founder of diDNA. “We’ve designed this solution with publishers in mind so that they can hit the ground running quickly with video by leveraging what we already know about what works, which configurations generate high RPMs, and what types of demand we should serve and fill to generate revenue.”


This new video solution fully unleashes the scale of its marketplace through daily analysis of over three billion daily ad requests that leverage machine-learning based pricing models that work to drive up prices and provide publishers with actionable insights into their data. Using diDNA’s custom VAST tag setup, publishers are able to access multiple demand sources in the video player of their choice. Publishers that use Prebid - the leading open source ad server for websites - can use diDNA’s Video Prebid Adapter to access diDNA’s demand. 


diDNA continues to provide the unique opportunity for publishers to customize ad placements and size while cutting down on time, resources and extra personnel. Publishers now have the ability to customize across ad formats, from native to display, further unlocking the monetization capabilities of publishers’ ad inventories. Through diDNA’s publisher-first adtech system, publishers are able to apply advanced business logic and rules around their ad inventory and programmatic ad deployment to maximize their earnings while creating custom user experiences.


diDNA’s dedicated team of ad operations professionals, automated tools and vetted add-on features combine to enrich the user experience and maximize ad revenue for publishers. The product suite includes a full on-page ad management system, a video demand product, CTV and in-app monetization, display, and more.

For more information on diDNA’s product suite please visit: https://didna.io.

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