diDNA and Hindsight Partner to Provide Industry Leading Technology and Innovation, Driving Publishers to Increase Revenue With Contextual Advertising

January 20, 2020

Orlando, FL-diDNA, a leading full-servicet advertising solutions provider for the publisher ecosystem, has just announced that it has partnered with Hindsight. Hindsight works with over 400 advertisers and publishers to effectively place ads based on the content of the article, rather than the reader’s data history.

Hindsight was looking for a programmatic partner to help them monetize their product due to requests by their publishers for content that included advertising opportunities to generate additional revenue. Both companies quickly realized that a partnership made sense, from both an industry and company perspective. “Hindsight is ahead of the ad tech curve. We are proud to integrate with their innovative technology and drive trustworthy performance for publishers,” said Troy Bubley, President of diDNA.

diDNA understands the market and has developed an entire Intelligence Suite as well as a vast array of tools that empower publishers and generate new revenue. Hindsight has leveraged their technology, allowing both companies to co-create products together to sell across the industry.

“Today, our company provides an even stronger offering for publishers because of our partnership with diDNA, allowing us to stay ahead of the ad tech curve. Our relationship has definitely increased our bottom line and allowed us to add strategic products to scale our business, not just from a revenue perspective, but also from a product-market fit perspective. We are able to help service our publishers better. We couldn’t do that without diDNA and their expertise,” said Hersh Patel, CEO of Hindsight.

The partnership is also important for the industry, as it has joined together diDNA’s programmatic expertise with Hindsight's contextual calculus expertise. With third-party ads being phased out by major internet browsers, there has been even more focus on content-driven solutions to drive higher user engagement and monetization opportunities for publishers.

“Many of our publishers are seeing their viewability increase by 20% to 30% and all ad revenue increase solely through our relationship with diDNA. That is really powerful for all players involved,”said Patel.


About diDNA

diDNA, based in Orlando, FL, was founded in 2016 and is one of the world’s leading full-service advertising solutions providers for the publisher ecosystem. diDNA’s ad management platform optimizes digital inventory, taking a holistic approach to maximizing ad revenue through its core ad technology, with access to 70+ premium demand partners.

To date, the company works with over 40,000 publishers, providing automated tools, hands-on management and a product suite designed to empower and instantly increase revenue for everyone within the publisher and advertising community. diDNA prides itself on developing a “culture of no competition” to foster strong industry relationships, thus quickly becoming the bedrock of the publisher advertising world. Visit www.didna.io, follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to the diDNA Dialogues YouTube channel for more information and company news.


About Hindsight

Hindsight is a technology company that moves beyond the boundaries of traditional contextual advertising to leverage contextual intelligence to make smarter, intuitive ads that meld into the content around them, driving the flexibility and results that advertisers and publishers need. Their proprietary technology combines intelligence and adaptive creative to power a reader-first message that drives better results -- with no dependence on the cookie -- and simultaneously solves for monetization and retention. Hindsight is in New York, NY. To learn more, visit hindsightsolutions.net.

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